Job Fair Tips

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We spoke to some of our past employers and gathered basic tips that they shared with us about what they’re looking for on a resume!

  • Put your name and contact info on your resume.
  • Staple your resume if there are multiple pages and please put your name on every page.
  • Please include dates on your resume.
  • Please do not use cardstock
    • Employers generally scan resumes to send to hiring managers and cardstock does not go through easily. Candidates risk their resumes not being considered if it can’t be easily handled.
  • Avoid photos on your resume. This is due to the risk of bias.
  • Infographic, multi-column, “new” formats are hard to read.
    • Some hiring managers don’t like them and if it’s too difficult to read, they may not bother if they have a stack of other resumes to go through.

Keep in mind that these are just some suggestions, and may vary among employers. To get a more detailed understanding of how to make a killer resume, check out or ticket option to get a personal 1-on-1 professional resume review!

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